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Social Protection

An essential theme and the bedrock of our expertise and capabilities, is the social dimension of our transactions and advisory services. Where we are different from other advisors is that we have the experience and capability ( from the World Bank and other international development experience of our Associates) to address the question that arises in almost every foreign direct investment or other investment situation – namely, what happens to the people? We have the experience and knowledge from over 60 countries around the world to offer best practice solutions to this issue.

In this part of our practice we provide services in areas such as:

Human resource redeployment We provide and help to implement a comprehensive approach to labor issues in private sector participation and in particular in privatization. These include both Universal and Enterprise/Sector Specific provisions:

(a) Universal - Includes Pension, Social Security, Health, Minimum Severance, etc.

(b) Enterprise or Sector specific Includes - Severance payment schemes, Retraining, Out Placement etc.. We also help to design and implement overall reforms on labor Laws, Regulations and Contracts as well as reforms to remove Obstacles to New Job Creation

The needs we serve Fotolia_2939130_XS.jpgHumane Resettlement We can help Joint ventures, SEZs, local Governments and authorities to apply
proven best practice approaches to address the social dimensions of the development that would result from  the efforts to increase productive capacity. In particular, we can offer workable solutions to the “Land Grab”  issue that are compatible to the political economy of the region, state or the country as a whole. These include models which afford both the incumbents and the new occupants to share in the upside of the value growth, while affording the new occupant the flexibility of ownership and physical and income security for the incumbents.