Our Specializations

We have engineers, economists, bankers, investment bankers, and many other skills in our team.

The main areas of specialization that we offer includes:

Social Protection: We help Donors, Sovereigns and investors develop strategies to answer the question - "what happens to the people?"

Private public partnerships and private participation in infrastructure: We help bring in the private participants and structure win win and sustainable infrastructure investment transactions.

Ecology and Clean Development: We offer world class expertise in emission, effluence and solid waste management as well as in carbon credits and carbon offsets and the clean development mechanism overall.

Development Impact Evaluation: We bring monitoring and evaluation expertise and innovation to determine and ensure development effectiveness of donor initiatives and interventions.

Financial Advisory: We are at the wholesale end of the business. We provide referral services for M&A transactions, sourcing assets for investment managers, recovering distressed debt etc.

Investment Climate: We are the experts in the legal, regulatory and institutional environment for investment attraction and mobilization and help National and subnational governments improve their investment climate and their "Doing Business" scores. We also have a strong team on Competitiveness and productivity.

Insolvency: We help manage insolvencies at the micro and systemic levels.