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The focus of our water and wastewater practice is how to bring service to the underserved. There are basically three types of underserved. (i) Those that are connected but get intermittant or brackish service; (ii) those that are not connected but are near water networks or mains; (iii) Those for whom connection would be prohibitively costly e.g., in some rural areas. Our Water team has experience in addressing all three situations. We can help resolve the tariff - investment - subsidy conundrum.

We can help municipalities, local or regional authorities bring water service to the under served by helping to develp (i) the appropriate regulatory model for generating the needed activity by providing the right incentives and safeguards. We also help to defray the fiscal burden of water supply operations by designing and helping to implement the commercialization of water supply or intorducing private sector participation.

Wastewater management can often be a commercially viable proposition and when linked with water use through tariff and regulation can have economical as well as ecological benefits. Our team can work with the various stakeholeders to make this happen.