Transportation & Logistics

DEA's transport and logistics practice strongly supports the development of product markets and of supply chains within the real sectors of developing economies. The underlying objective in most assignments which the firm undertakes is a significnat increase in value for shippers and consignees and a significant reduction in transaction costs. We also have a strong offering in Urban Transportation.

The practice applies a variety of development tools and strategies to the re-balancing of market power between buyers and sellers of transport services. Within mature markets where collusion may be practiced, these may include the development of shippers cooperatives or the introduction of new, low cost inter-modal technologies and collateral, pro-shipper business models. In other contexts, transport service markets can be improved in efficiency through the use of internet based agors, the introduction of " smart" service capabilities to the management of transport assets, and the introduction of other systems for the management of shipper equipment, product inventories, order fulfillment and chain integrated quality control.

The Associates who lead the firm's practice have had extensive experience in global transport operations, carrier marketing, transport market regulation and privatization. They carried out more than one hundred projects for international lending institutions like the World Bank and the Gates Foundation and they are the primary authors of Logistics Service, Railway, Port and Supply Chain Development tool-kits, best practice manuals and guides for regulatory reform in developing economies.

The transportation practice of DEA, has also developed significant expertise and know how in green corridor concepts for freight transport, green zone concepts for urban public transportation, and green ports.


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We can help with the restructuring of railway enterprises (both in and outside the bankruptcy process), railway labor and regulatory reform, and transactions in a regulated environment including concessioning and other forms of public private partnerships to improve the viability of your system.

We can also help public and private railway and related organizations with feasibility studies, contract evaluation, negotiation and award, start-up, risk assessment, budget control, contract administration, progress reporting, commissioning services.

At the operational level, we also help to improve domestic and international rail passenger and freight operations, operations planning, materials management, maintenance of facilities and equipment, and safety. We provide operations and safety training, best practice human resource management, 3 sigma quality improvement, hazardous materials handling, emergency preparedness, bus truck and other inter-modal operations, budgeting, customer service and community relations.

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Smart Ports

Smart Ports Fotolia_4147868_XS.jpgDEA's approach to Port Development is in many ways unique and could bring significant value to countries that need to expand their competitive advantage in a globalized trade environment.

We are uniquely well qualified to link cargo handling to other forms of value addition and on this basis to design port centered EPZs in which supply chain premiums are designed into individual industrial structures from which regional chains can be developed efficiently and competitively from" the inside out" We call these " smart ports" and the process " smart port" development;

We are able to design and implement clearly articulated EPZ development strategies which link the activities taking place within port centered industrial parks with other key activities taking place in the national economy beyond the port complex. We can design and offer different modes for developing EPZ's which entail engaging one or more proprietary multimodal technologies from some of our related companies, as an active agent for industrial cluster development and facilitator of value adding services such as transport ( e.g. Rail Runner Corridors), information logistics, reverse logistics and re manufacturing/ reuse and specialized skills development.

We are able to identify logistics service design and supply chain cost saving benefits which a specific port development project can realize if the port is developed as a value station on regional or global supply chains. Our team is particularly equipped at adeptly identifying opportunities to add value to imports and then to re-export these to regional users at higher level of value ;

We are able to articulate the potential supply chain derived benefits and to target strategic investors who are best positioned to activate these potential benefits and to integrate them into their own business models and, finally; we are able to organize and structure innovative financing modes which involve public private partnerships and to assist with the solicitation of capital to fund these undertakings from development banks like the World Bank.


Urban Public Transportation

Fotolia_263688_XS.jpgWe have an experienced team in Urban Public Transportation. Our offerings include Urban bus service, Trolley bus servcie and other forms of urban public transportation. Our team has special expertise in introducing private sector participation in urban public transportation through franchising and other means. We also have experience in design, reform and implementation of the regulatory and tariff framework including the regulations and the institutional arrangements for formulating and administering the regulations. Our experience includes over 30 countries where our experts have advised on the restructuring, privatization and reform of the urban public transportation systems.