Mining & Metallurgy 

Capability Statement 

While the mining sector expertise of Development Equity Associates Inc., covers most of mining, as summarized below under Technical Expertise, our comparative advantage lies in three areas: (i) Sector Policy (ii) Corporate and Enterprise Strategy, and (iii) Divestiture Advisory
Sector Policy:  We advise Governments on Mining sector policy, legal and regulatory framework to best attract investment for the growth and development of the sector. We advise on how to transform a comparative advantage into a competitive advantage for the country.

Corporate and Enterprise Strategy: We can advise the mining investor on when and where to divest (i.e., cut losses and get out), where to invest and what to invest in, and most importantly how to set priorities. We have intimate knowledge of markets for most minerals and where the competitive deposits are. We can advise on the optimum technology and scale for a particular site and geology. We can do bankable project feasibility studies and can undertake assignments for funding institutions in support of financing and loan draw down schemes.

Divestiture Advisory: Our Associates and Consultants have first hand knowledge of most of the private sector mining corporations. We can undertake a divestiture mandate to recoup the most value or bring in new financial or strategic investors to better explore, develop and produce from deposits under public private partnerships.

Technical Expertise

DEA specializes in all aspects of Mining including: (i) Geology, (ii) Resource Evaluation, (ii) Mining Geotechnics, (iv) Hydrogeology, (v) Mining Engineering, (vi) Metallurgy, (v) Tailings Engineering, (vi) Backfill Engineering, (vii) Mine Closure, (viii) Environmental Management, (ix) Corporate and Social issues.

Our Associates and Consultants are experienced in the design, operation and project management of mining, processing, mechanical, electrical and logistic projects for surface and underground mines, and in the study and evaluation of mining projects. We can help with Coordination of other Engineering Fields, Mine Reclamation Plans, Mine Permits,  Mine Planning & Design,  Mineral Appraisals,  Reserve Estimation & Evaluation,  Ground Control,  Process Flow, Legal & Safety Concerns  and Ventilation Plans. Our technical capabilities include both Open Pit and Underground mining: