Agriculture & Food Security  

Fotolia_1403546_XS Food logistics.jpgFood Logistics: We approach Food Security through improved logistics and Agribusiness systems In most of the cases of food shortages, starvation and famine, a major contributing factor has frequently been, not so much the lack of production but rather the inadequacies in markets, storage and distribution which have prevented available food from reaching those in need including those with the ability to pay. Thus the focus of DEA Inc’s Food Security practice is on marketing, storage and distribution.  DEA's approach to agricultural development and food security entails creating and/or strengthening markets in rural areas, including markets for human capital, farm inputs, farm outputs and investment capital.  Our Associates have found in the course of more than 100 engagements in developing countries that wealth creating growth can only be triggered and sustained where market institutions operate effectively to direct resources and to cover risks associated with the production and marketing of staple and cash crops.


Fotolia_5943700_S Food Security.jpgFood Security: The firm and its Associates refer to their unique approach to agricultural development as: “sculpting with soft assets."  They have realized wide success in creating new partnerships between farm level organizations and investors to offer the requisite "know how" and " know who" to access markets. To this end they have worked under the auspices of regional trade associations ( COMESA in Africa and AEAN in South Asia), international development agencies ( UNIDO, FAO, Gates Foundation) and development banks ( the World Bank and the FAO) to diagnose binding constraints to regional food staple market integration in Africa and the Middle East and to design programs to attract private investment into competitively strengthening farm to market chains and enhancing competition in regional markets.

Grain storage Fotolia_241673_XS.jpgFood Storage: Storage capacity strengthens the rural producer’s bargaining position for price and terms, reduces the farmer’s risk and with the proper technology reduces loss. Storage along with distribution logistics also improves availability and access for the consumer. DEA Inc., offers the expertise to significantly strengthen this and other such links in the food value chain. Our Associates have pioneered in the start up of wealth generating  value chains, using a number of innovative mechanisms to launch them, including transactions, community action and direct external investment.