Our Expertise

We get the Job Done.

We can help Host Governments with their most urgent problems. From emergency refinancing of energy payables to get energy supplies flowing again and major divestitures of state owned assets to augment fiscal headroom, and state enterprise reform to meet accession guidelines, to medium term reforms for for coping with systemic insolvencies and improving the environment for doing busiiness .

For Bilateral, Multilateral and other donors we bring greater value because of our understanding, experience and knowledge of how to better meet Development Objectives of our clients. We know from experience, the importance project ownership of the beneficiary, of inclusive development and equity and strive to achieve these in every aspect of our work in every assignment.

As sub-contractors to the bi-lateral and multilateral donor contractors, we offer the best "Capture Plan", and significantly increase the chances of a win. We do the best competitive analyses, we have access to the most experienced consultants in the sectors we serve and our proposals are more insightful than most. And when we win - we deliver at your quality level in time and on budget. We also offer "full service" sub-contracting, so that as a prime contractor most of your revenue can flow straight to the bottom line.