Development Consulting


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We help you look before you leap and assess your interventions so that outcomes are robust and stable. In other words… Development Effectiveness.

Members of our Development Consulting team have typically over 25 years of experience with various International Development Organizations in designing and implementing (i) Country Assistance Strategies and Planning, (ii) Development Programs and Projects and (iii) Monitoring and Evaluation methodologies for Accountability. Because of seniority our team has not only done, but also taught and trained people to do these things.

Country Development Strategies: We offer the development lessons learned over the past 50 years. (i) Country Ownership and Cooperation; (ii) Rigorous and thorough analyses to Identify Parameters; (iii) Counterfactual and  evidence based Strategic Planning (iii) Prioritization and prioritization methodologies; (iv) Donor coordination; (v) Equity, Inclusivity and Sustainability.

Program Planning and Project Design: We know what has worked and what did not and the lessons to remember!

Accountability: At the end of the day ….Did we do any good?.....Did we do any harm?

These are questions that haunt every donor and development practitioner. By the time we reach the monitoring and evaluation stage – it may already be too late. We can help incorporate evaluation in the project design – what some donors term ‘Quality at Entry’ – by helping to hone your staffs’ skills in properly distinguishing ‘output’s from ‘outcomes’ ( surprising how many people still struggle with this ..) and identifying the right indicators for each. We can help design meaningful monitoring and evaluation frameworks that provide accountability and milestones for remedial measures.