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Investment Managers

We serve the needs of the investment management market in unique ways.

To Sovereign Wealth Funds we offer an innovative alternative to 'Dutch Disease" through a unique offset concept that helps to build productive capacity for domestic consumption.

Through our referral services we bring to Investment Managers our wide network of relationships with institutions and high net worth individuals in the emerging markets to help them gather assets in countries and regions such as China, India, Africa and the former Soviet Union. We comply with section 206 of the SEC and the FCPA.

We help emerging market Private Equity firms recover their investments in distressed situations. We help to restructure and package the portfolio entity for investment, refinance, divestiture or liquidation where needed. Our global network of Associates, consultants and corporate alliances have knowledge of and access to middle market businesses and investors in most regions of the world. This gives us the ability to widely market and get the best deals for our emerging market clients.