Prime Contractors

pRIME  CONTRACTOR Fotolia_5170191_XS.jpgDEA often offers the significant qualifications and experience of its Associates and Registered Consultants and its vast network of local contacts around the world, as a subcontractor to other firms. This can often significantly strengthen the capture plan of a prime cntractor and help them eventually win the contract. DEA provides this subcontractor service in one of two modes:

(i) As a subcontractor for a larger contract e.g., for donors such as USAID, where DEA not only provides the expertise but also helps to provide special insight for the proposal and helps to write parts of it.

DEA would take responsibility for one or two of the main consultants in the project and at times be responsible for delivering under one or more components of the project.

(ii) For smaller contracts, where for nationality or other reasons, DEA cannot bid as a prime contractor, but can be part of the proposal as a subcontractor, DEA offers the prime contactor a turnkey approach where DEA prepares the capture plan, does all the legwork, staffing the team, including for the prime contractor, writing the proposal, managing and delivering the project etc, while the prime contractor provides the overall guidance and quality control, and manages the financial aspects of the project.