Donor Agencies

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Our Associates and Registered consultants, many of whom are the alumni of donor organizations themselves, have the required understanding of, and the flexibility to meet, the special needs of donor task managers or team leaders, in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner.

If you are a Donor Organization and under pressure form your Government or your Board to improve or strengthen your country strategies and programs, you might want to consult us. Our Associates collectively have over 300 years of experience in just this sort of thing in over 160 countries and most of the sectors that are key to development.

DEA works with Donors to help design and manage the implementation of projects. On smaller donor executed projects, DEA can be the rapid response vendor of choice.

We also have a strong Monitoring and Evaluation practice and can bring to Donors our experience with institutions like the World Bank, ADB, IFAD, USAID and others where some of our Associates have been the architects of the M&E methodology and processes at these institutions.