The Needs We Serve

We specialize in helping Donors and Host Countries to meet their development objectives

Needs we serve 1 Fotolia_5245309_XS.jpgWe do this by providing services to improve a country's legal and regulatory framework, to help build, strengthen or restructure institutions, both at the national and sector level, and to help Government provide support to develop the private sector.

If there was to be a ''bottom line" to what we do, it would be to help donors and host countries to Create Jobs.

For the Corporate client, we offer help in dealing with Government and provide transaction advisory services.We also provide referral and intermediation services to our corporate and financial services clients.


needs we serve 2 Fotolia_1903775_XS.jpgOur transaction specialization for the prvate sector, includes: Restructure and divestiture of distressed situations both for corporate and private equity clients ( including insolvency situations), joint venture advisory, design and fulfilment of defence offset obligations and other cross border transactions.

Our referral services help corporates with matchmaking for joint ventures, acquisitions, divestitures and other such corporate development transactions. We also provide referral services to our emerging markets investment management and private equity clients in conformity with SEC regulation 206.