Our Markets

We serve both the public sector and the private sector and our services often help to bridge the two.

Donor Fotolia_14056809_XS.jpgOur public sector markets include emerging market sovereign clients at both National and the sub-national level, donor organizations who provide development assistance to these sovereign clients and the (prime) contractors who who implement projects for these donor organizations. Our sovereign markets include borrowers in default, nationals or sub-nationals who wish to attract foreign direct investment or to increase their exports, or have state owned assets that they need to divest. Our donor markets include those who wish to improve their development interventions by improving their strategies and programs and then to monitor and evaluate the output and outcomes and the overall development effectiveness of their interventions. Our prime contractor markets essentially inlcude consulting contractors to the over 160 bilateral and multilateral development institutions around the world.


Investors in emerging markets Fotolia_11106473_XS.jpgOur Private sector markets are primarily investors in emerging markets. These investors may be corporate strategic investors, or they may be emerging market investment managers such as private equity funds or fund of funds, including sovereign wealth funds, and also Banks and other lenders and financiers, to and in emerging markets. Our corporate strategic investor markets may be engaged in making direct foreign investments, participants in joint ventures, exporters with offset obligations, or interested in a divestiture or acquisition. Our investment management markets may be managers interested in gathering assets or management liabilities from emerging markets. Our  Banking markets would typically be holding distressed assets that we would help them to recover.