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We get the Job Done

For example, if...

You are a Donor Organization and under pressure form your Government or your Board to improve or strengthen your country strategies and programs, you might want to consult us. Our Associates collectively have over 300 years of experience in just this sort of thing in over 160 countries and most of the sectors that are key to development.

You are a Sovereign in financial distress and wish to avoid a default, we can help. We engineer debt relief, help you deal with vulture funds ( we know the game from the inside), we assure the utmost discretion and help you issue and place paper that is sustainable and within the fiscal and IMF headroom. We can also help with quick divestiture of state owned assets to generate revenue with minimum social implications. If you are in a hurry to increase exports and create jobs, we have the best people and ideas and the most experience to help you achieve these goals.

You are a Corporation, faced with the "Land Grab" issue, we can offer workable solutions that are compatible to the political economy of the region, state or the country as a whole. These include models which afford both the incumbents and the new occupants to share in the upside of the value growth, while affording the new occupant the flexibility of ownership and physical and income security for the incumbents.

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