To Equity

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There is by now a significant body of evidence that economic development is better acheived and more sustainable when growth is inclusive and policies ensure a level playing field for economic agents. Successful economies generally have a vibrant and growing middle class while most failed or failing states - including those in conflict do not.

Our firm is committed to supporting clients and host countries which are trying to achieve and promote more equitable and inclusive development programs and projects. In the long run this is more sustainable and creates more lasting value for our investors. This is the goal of our "product market" strategy and is reflected in the types of projects we compete for and do well in. We train and encourage our consultants and advisors to be cognizant of this strategy in their assignments and and provide guidance and input to our clients on how best to achieve these goals.

We have developed expertise in designing and evaluating legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks for our client countries which ensure fair and free competion and a level playing field by incorporating, inter alia, suitable checks and balances in project design and deal structuring to ensure equitable, inclusive sharing of benefits and risks and this increases predictability for our investors.