Business Conduct

Ethics and Justice Fotolia_2516477_XS.jpgWe follow and hold all in our firm to the highest standards of ethics, not only with regards to procurement issues but in every aspect of our work, including travel, billing, full disclosure of conflicts of interest, Compliance with all applicable laws, Rules and Regulations. ,etc.

Our Business Conduct rests on 5 pillars:

  1. We Comply with all applicable Laws, Rules and Regulations - Including SEC and FCPA
  2. We Avoid Conflicts of Interest - We disclose and recuse ourselves if needed
  3. We Honor our Commitments - to contracts and confidentiality
  4. We hold ourselves accountable for the Health, Safety and Environment impact of every project and deal that we do.
  5. We see Fair and Truthful dealing as the most lucrative long run business strategy.