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Development Equity Associates Inc., is a United States corporation, established in 2004 and located near the nation's capital. Although a US corporation, through its Associates, Registered Consultants and Alliances it has a global presence and reach to serve its donor, host country and corporate clients.

The Firm is composed of a core group of independent Associates. The Associates are experienced development and transaction practitioners, internationally recognized in their fields, who bring valuable expertise in, and understanding of, key sectors and regions and are dedicated to development effectiveness and to creating value through excellence. The Associates provide leadership and guidance to our assignments to ensure responsiveness of our proposals, quality and timely delivery and adherence to our principles of inclusiveness, equity and local capacity building to achieve self sustenance and preserve value.

This core group of Associates is complimented by a larger and worldwide network of registered independent Consultants. Typically, these registered consultants are leading experts in their fields who are generally known to and have worked with one or more of our Associates over several years in several countries and regions. This network of consultants, as well as our Associates, offer considerable diversity both in terms of sector knowledge and functional expertise as well as geographical location.

We also have entered into Alliances with several other firms with whom we cooperate on projects and assignments generally in the form of consortia or sub -contractual relationships. These alliances are also quite diverse in terms of sector, size and geographical location.