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People Happy Fotolia_9588771_XS.jpgWe are still populating our network of registered consultants in certain sectors and for certain skills. CVs are invited from qualified individuals who excel in their particular field. We prefer advanced degrees from major international recognized universities or similar institutions and at least 10 - 15 years experience in their field of expertise. Sectors presently of interest include: Power and Energy, Agribusiness and Food Security, Financial Services, Insolvency and debt advisory, Transportation, including urban mass transit, Tourism, and Wireless Communication. Language skills are a definite advantage, particularly, Russian, Mandarin, Arabic, French and Spanish. Private sector experience combined with experience with bi-lateral or multi-lateral institutions are also a plus.

For our Consultants and Employees we  bring a special value. We firmly believe that if we do not do well by our consultants and employees we will not be able to do well by our clients and the beneficiaries they serve. While we demand the best, we try to be fair and understanding to build lasting mutually rewarding relationships.

Consultants who register with us build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect and remain involved with us between assignments and where possible get priority on new assignments, and any benefits that we might offer to registered consultants.

We do not hire easily and only when all other options have been exhausted. But if we do, we are committed to investing in our employees and taking a long term view of our relationship.